Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Mini Top Shop Haul!

Hi Everyone!

I recently purchased some fun socks from Top Shop and they just got here! I still haven't worn them yet but I have a few ideas and plus it was a great deal. They were 3 pairs for $15 with free shipping (it was London Fashion Week when I ordered them). In addition, I applied a coupon code from Google which got me about a dollar off. Bargains FTW!!!
Honestly, I've wanted lace socks like these for a long time but always thought they were too girly for me. I'm not saying that my styles not girly but with the addition of these socks I'd be like Hello Kitty and Barbie mixed together. TOO MUCH. (I still love Hello Kitty)
So now you're thinking "then why the heck did you buy these socks?" Well...wouldn't they look cool with some denim shorts, a leather jacket or oxford shoes? 
Point is, I'm planning to mix tougher pieces with these ultra girly socks. 

I'm a noob at reading materials. I could have probably googled them but was too lazy to. I expected these to be made of a more spandexy material because the image looked that way. Now I have bright orange cotton socks...what to do...

Good thing Halloween is coming up :)
Final pair of socks: I got them just because I'd never seen anything like these. They have ruffles too but not the lace kind. These socks are quirky and I like them! My only complaint is the color. I expected it to be lighter.
Close up of the ruffles :)
Quirky socks for boring shoes.

Lastly, I wanted to apologize for being MIA lately. I just started college and let's just say throwing surprise parties, having midnight tea parties and...studying took over my life. Notice that most of it includes "parties" but not the kind you're probably thinking of...
I think my roommate's wondering why I have pictures of socks on my desktop right now


  1. Those lace socks looks super cute!

    Whee, you'll have an amazing time during college. You'll have to work hard but your social life will totally make up for it!


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