In my hopes of becoming a "well-read" and "intelligent" young woman, one of my New Year's resolutions was to read a book per month or try to finish at least 12 books this year (gives me a little bit of flexibility). But because I am a cheap college student, I don't usually buy books but borrow them through my local library's fabulous e-book lending service. I've been on the waiting list for "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" for almost a month now, so when I finally got it I immediately started to read it and have now finished it over the weekend... And I thought I couldn't even do a book per month. Hah! take that New Year's Rez!

This post is not much of a review than a declaration of love. I love you book~

The Cover
Let's start with the cover. Being a book-cover-obsessed-designer-wannabe, I have to say what first drew me to this book was the beautiful cover. The model they chose is so perfect in depicting what Lara Jean looks like. Her room looks like something out of a tasteful Swedish teen interior design magazine and her outfit and headband beautifully displays her innocent soul (ok that was a little cheesy).

I also love! love! how the typography is displayed in sharpie-like cursive font. Everything about the cover is amazing. I'm thinking about purchasing the book in hardcover just because I love the cover so much! It'll make a great display piece on a coffee table or something don't you think?

The Story
Finally the story! I didn't read a synopsis because come on...what summary do you need when the cover is that amazing and it's called "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"? (When it comes to actual books the term "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover" is a total Seth Godin said "if covers didn't matter you could just email people the text"

However, I didn't expect the story to be an Americanized version of a Love-Contract themed Korean Drama whereGirlneeds GuytodiscourageotherguybutactuallyinlovewithotherguyandGuyneedsGirltoosotheymakeacontracttopretenddateandthenendupfallinginloveforealz . Jenny Han is a genius! Since this theme has worked so well in all the best Korean Dramas (Goong, Full House etc.) it should work just as well as a novel! Especially for people like me who are trying to watch less dramas and read more books, what a better solution than to just turn a drama into a book. Why didn't anybody else think of that?

I think the story depicts a family I wish I had (minus the dead mom part because nobody wants that). I wish I had sisters like Lara Jean who I could take care of or who would take care of me and we would tell each other everything! But in reality I am an only child. I wish I had a hot next door neighbor that would give me rides and come over to hang out. But in reality I don't have a neighbor...I think they abandoned their house? I wish I was still in high school but I'm an old lady about to join the workforce...yipeee

But I did feel like I had a lot in common with Lara Jean. Like baking...I think I could be good at baking if I actually tried (who am I kidding last night I tried to make chocolate chip cookies and they turned into these crispy sheets that tasted like salty butter). Well, I would like to be good at baking. She's afraid of driving, I'm afraid of driving. Everything she said about how scary driving was I was screaming "YESSS YESS!" She's Asianish...I'm Asian...

Jokes aside, I really do feel like a real life Lara Jean, personality wise. I'm scared of a bajillion things and I've also only experienced one-sided loves. I'm miss goody two shoes and like staying at home more than going out. If Lara Jean were real, we would be BFFs...

She's inspired me to write letters to my past one-sided loves so that maybe one day they will get sent out and then I'll have a love-contract themed happening. A girl can dream

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it's a good feeling to have finished it within a couple of days. I can't remember the last time I did that. If you haven't read this book I highly recommend it! And if any of my friends are reading this and would like to get something for my birthday *wink wink* you know what to get me.

P.S I knew it from the beginning it was Kitty who sent those letters

Hello Everyone!

How have you all been? I know I have been gone kind of long...

To make up for it, here's a short yet simple tutorial in celebration of spring!

I always feel like Spring is the time to wear more romantic makeup. The wind is just right and it's not too hot or too cold so it just feels right to be soft and feminine during this time of the year.
For convenience, here's the video below!

I'm still working on my acne scars. I'm going to make a video soon of the products I used to get rid of my acne. Acne is my mortal enemy...MUST STOMP IT OUT *gathering army of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid soldiers*

Yeah...I think I'm real funny sometimes...

Oh and for other springy thing, the other day I was thinking really hard what that rainbow coil thingy that moves by itself when you put it on the stairs was called. And then it hit me! It's a slinky...duhh
Yeah my description was very clear...*sarcasm*

But there will be other Springy videos (the season kind not the coil kind). I'm thinking another fashion one? Haven't done those in a while.

List of Products:
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
Lancome Effacernes Waterproof under eye concealer
Face Shop Real Secret Highlighter
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk
Clinique eyeshadow duo (gift with purchase) Strawberry Fudge
Stila Seashell
Shiseido Eye Lash Curler
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
Etude House Eyebrow palette
Guerlain Meteorites Blush
Estee Lauder Lipstick in Pink Parfait

I have never in my life participated in Black Friday.

With the reason being how much more I value sleep than sales. However, I did decide to participate in after holiday sales by getting to the mall when it just opened. I also ordered quite a few things online. Yikes...
That is why my poor bank account is now weeping in pain. So much for my sworn oath to "not buy anything the next two months".

On the bright side, this has resulted in a new blog post and a new video! I was going to take a picture and put it on here too but never got around to it :(

Enjoy my friends!

2013 is less than a day away. We have outlived the 12/21/12 Dooms Day. We have lived through the last sequential date, 12/12/12. We have grown. We have lived. We have loved....
(Photo by Nancy)

But it doesn't stop here! Our life is just beginning.

I made this video because I needed to share my memories of the past and reflect on how I've changed. Though it wasn't always as rosy as it seems now, I'm glad I have those memories but I'm also afraid I may forget. It's a tribute to all of the Beauty Gurus that have left (physically or just mentally). I do miss the old days but we also have to look forward right? 

So, 2013 I welcome thee

Watch the video even if you can't stand my rambling ;)

New Year's Resolution:
1. Be more consistent with videos and blog
2. Work out more
3. Eat less cookies

Whether you're religious or not I think Christmas is a fun holiday to celebrate. I think Hanukkah should be too but it seems a little more complicated and I don't even know a thing about Kwanza. I was asked if I had any "Holiday Cheer" the other day at work and I blankly stared at the person for a few seconds before flashing before them my Holiday Nails. I bought new Zoya nail polish when they had their flash promos (I went a little crazy so those two are not the only bottles I bought) and couldn't wait to use them. I used Zoya "Rekah", which is a gorgeous more mature red, on four of my nails. For the ring finger I wanted to try a "Jelly Sandwich" with "Frida", one of the new jelly-like formulas. I applied two coats of "Frida" and then one coat of OPI "Servin' Up Sparkle", which is a great glittery nail lacquer, and then two more coats of "Frida". Though I wish I had done one more coat of the glitter to make it more visible.

I've been neglecting my poor blog lately because my skin had a mental breakdown which resulted in a major hormonal break out. I will tell you more about this later and my journey to recovery (exaggeration so don't expect too much). I've always noticed how I'm always one step behind in posting things. I get an idea and realize that I should have posted it a week or at least a day sooner. For example this post, in an hour it'll be Christmas already. I should have posted this a week ago. Timing is everything in life.

New Year's Resolution: Work on Timing...and work out more

Today I was looking for some new music to add to my collection when I found this...

Only two seconds into the song, I was choked up with tears. I finally felt like someone understood me and that person was JYP (and Miss A but he wrote the song). He never disappoints me with his music!

I don't know if it's normal to be so touched by a song that I want to cry but it happens often. Especially if it's JYP's music.

This song spoke so much to me because well...I don't have the greatest luck with the guys so I stopped trying and embraced my alpha female side. Plus I've always wanted to be an independent woman like those in the dramas (Think "I Do I Do" or "My Queen") even if they didn't get married until 30 or so.
Sometimes I do doubt myself though and wonder if I'm making the right choice by acting so independent. We're all women, we all desire love at some time point in our life. Sometimes this desire turns into desperation. When that time comes, I'm glad we now have an anthem to remind us that we're making the right decision. So go on being that Independent Woman you! Yeah!

For those of us still "lucky" enough to be in school, winter break is almost here!!!

Some people have extravagant vacation plans or going home to see their family and doing awesome stuff...
But me...I just plan to play Dance Central on Kinect maybe not starve to death while my mom is at work and maybe...but only if I feel like something productive :)

I think winter is one of my favorite seasons. During the summer, I sometimes miss the feeling of winter. All the shiny holiday decorations in the shop windows and on the streets just make me feel so happy. I also love the Christmas movies playing on the Hallmark channel or ABC family.

We don't really celebrate Christmas in my family because it's hard for the family to get together and so we don't have that many people to celebrate with. I know it sounds sad but honestly I see wrapping presents and setting up the Christmas tree as tedious when you have no one to see your tree and when you know what you're going to get as a present anyways. Ok...that still sounds sad but really I'm quite happy around the winter holidays :)

I'm not religious in anyway so sorry that I keep on only mentioning Christmas and not Hanukkah or any of the other holidays. Seeing how as I don't really celebrate any of them anyways...I'm just in it for the movies hahah

Without winter there would be no reason for fuzzy sweaters or furry boots. Then what would life be?

Artistically Challenged and (slightly linguistically challenged)....

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