Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 I Welcome Thee!!!

2013 is less than a day away. We have outlived the 12/21/12 Dooms Day. We have lived through the last sequential date, 12/12/12. We have grown. We have lived. We have loved....
(Photo by Nancy)

But it doesn't stop here! Our life is just beginning.

I made this video because I needed to share my memories of the past and reflect on how I've changed. Though it wasn't always as rosy as it seems now, I'm glad I have those memories but I'm also afraid I may forget. It's a tribute to all of the Beauty Gurus that have left (physically or just mentally). I do miss the old days but we also have to look forward right? 

So, 2013 I welcome thee

Watch the video even if you can't stand my rambling ;)

New Year's Resolution:
1. Be more consistent with videos and blog
2. Work out more
3. Eat less cookies


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