Monday, February 16, 2015

Pressed Juicery 3 Day Cleanse Review

I learned about "Pressed Juicery" through a classmate recently. She had a bottle of juice on her desk and I asked her if she bought it at school but she told me she was doing a juice cleanse. I was curious and interested so when I got home I googled the brand and ordered my own 3-day cleanse. I picked "Cleanse 1" which is for beginners. For the month of January they were also doing a promotion so after I added the waters to the kit the total came to $170 which includes shipping. I could then choose a start date for my cleanse and they send it with fedex overnight. The juices are perishable so it makes sense why they want you to have the freshest stuff possible. However I got a bit busy and didn't end up starting the cleanse until 2 days after I got them...but no worries! they didn't go bad :) however if I were to do it again I would have probably planned better. 

The kit came with 18 juices (6 bottles every day for 3 days) and 9 cleansing waters. They were packed in insulation with ice packs which I recommend keeping and refreezing just in case during your cleanse you need to bring your juices with you. I'm going to tell you about the different flavors and my full experience with the cleanse.
Vanilla Almond Milk
The almond milks are probably my favorite from the cleanse and a good way to start the day. It tasted a lot better than the Silk Vanilla Almond Milk I always get. It was naturally sweet and thicker because of the ground up almonds. They're the only things in this cleanse that will save you from hunger insanity. I was pretty optimistic when I finished this first bottle but little did I know the worst has yet to come...
Greens 2
I would like to first clarify that I am a big baby when it comes to eating medicine or anything the least bit odd tasting. My mom has tried to make me eat all kinds of weird Chinese herbal medicine and exotic health foods/soups but after the first taste I always rejected them saying "I would rather die than lick that again!" So therefore I didn't like this one as much as the almond milk. But hey when you have no food and you're really hungry, you will consume whatever the heck you have. The good news is that the second day it didn't taste so bad but maybe it was because I was too hungry to tell by then.
Roots 2
Oh god...I still remember that carrot-ginger taste in my mouth. My initial reaction was "wow they just keep tasting worse and worse don't they?" I've always hated the sweetness of carrots for some reason, I just don't think a vegetable should be that's disturbing. This has to be my least favorite of the six. No I know it is... The taste still gives me shudders but then again I am a big baby. 
Citrus 2
Now this one tasted pretty good, especially after that nasty ginger carrot one, even though the mint made it taste like a sour tropical ice breaker in liquid form. However, usually by the time you drink this you are so hungry that the sourness of it does not help at all, it just makes you want to cry.
Greens 3
For the longest time I couldn't figure out what the difference between greens 2 and this one was only that it tasted kind of like ginger so I compared the ingredients and realized that the only addition really is...ginger. I don't really have anything to say about this one except I was really glad when it was time to drink this one because I was so hanngryyy.
 Chocolate Almond
This one is the yummiest one in the kit. I looked forward to every night when I could drink this. It tastes like chocolate almond milk and has a similar thick texture to the vanilla almond milk. I guess after you go through a whole day of starving yourself and being sad and angry this is suppose to make you feel better.
Cleanse Waters
I also added the chlorophyll and aloe vera waters. One is for hydration through out the day and the other is for before bed. I regret it completely. I thought they would taste refreshing but of course since they are healthy and raw ingredients they taste exactly like aloe vera in water without anything else added. What does that taste like? It tastes like oddly filtered water. It was harder to swallow down than the carrot juice.

I do have to admit I only did 2 days of the cleanse and gave the 3rd day to my mom to see what she would say about the taste of the juices. (Ok fine I couldn't hold out until the end because I was so hungry). She said they didn't taste that bad but at the end of the day she broke down too and ate fruit. 
For the cleanse I also drank some herbal laxatives like they suggested but I felt like the juices were already helping with that aspect anyways. The bathroom became my best friend so I suggest if you want to do the cleanse do it on days when you will be home or else you will make a lot of embarrassing noises in the bathroom...just use your imagination.
After the cleanse I didn't feel a big difference but I did start eating healthier. My skin was clearer too and it helped me re-start my no dairy diet.

If you're interested in trying a juice detox I highly recommend this kit from Pressed Juicery because it is nutritiously balanced and a safer way for beginners to try out the whole juice detox trend.

+ Healthy, fresh, high quality ingredients
+ Helps detox body for starting special diets like the No Dairy Diet or going gluten free
+ Shipping is fast and free
+ Best almond milks I've ever tasted
+ Nutritiously balanced for a safe and healthy juice detox

- If you have sensitive taste buds might taste too "healthy"
- Cleansing waters tasted really odd and made me gag
- Have to go to the bathroom all the time
- Have to carry ice packs with you if you want to bring them with you

*also a warning don't freeze them because my classmate said she did that and when they thawed it spilled all over the place haha so take them seriously when they say "ice packs" and not "freezing them"


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