Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aritzia Sale Haul

I bought a few things from because they are currently having their winter sale! Surprisingly, My package came fairly quickly. I think it was only a few days after I made the order that I discovered the fairly large, cloud-decorated box on my doorsteps.

Wilfred Free Divina T-Shirt

The first thing I picked out was a slouchy white cotton tee. They're so versatile! I can wear this with some knitted sweats that I’ve been into lately, for a loungy look or with the overalls I bought. I love how soft it is and how relaxed the fit is.

Overalls are back in style yay! We can finally wear them without looking like a hill billy. Even though I was searching for a denim pair, I thought I’d try this thinner material. It’s been forever since I’ve worn overalls. I think the last time was in first grade.

They were sold out in black but I think I would have gotten the gray anyways (but navy would’ve been better). They are so comfortable I think I can run and do a back flips in them. Too bad I don't really know how to do back flips. Though going to the bathroom might be a hassle, I won’t have to worry about my underwear showing when I lean down (because I am secretly paranoid about that).

Talula Euston Hat

I also picked up a hat because I’ve been crazy about hats lately, especially with my annoying bangs that I’m trying to grow out. I didn’t expect this beanie to be one of those that stood perked up on your head so it took some getting used to. But it started growing on me (not literally of course). The material is nice and soft and the color will go easily with anything so I can just throw it on for a bad hair day.

TNA Britannia Parka

The most expensive item I bought was this Britannia Parka. I didn’t have any thick coats and I’ve always wanted an army green parka with a fur hood. I don’t think I own anything with a fur hood. I use to think they were too tacky but then I saw everyone in Korea had one and it really helped save your face from freezing off. Though it never gets that cold here in Seattle, this coat will protect me on some chilly rainy days.

Even though the price was pretty expensive, this parka can be worn in multiple ways. Almost everything is detachable: the fur on the hood, the hood, the inner lining etc. So there’s a million possibilities on how you can wear it and makes it versatile for any season. You can wear it without the fur on the hood. You can wear it without the thicker hood and there’s a thinner hood underneath. You can take the lining out and wear it by itself, but I don’t think it looks too good like that. You have to roll the sleeves up to hide the awkward things on the sleeves that attach themselves to the inside of the original parka. I got it in the color olive green and I love the color. I think the other greens looked a bit odd on me. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to button and unbutton a million buttons trying to take the different pieces on and off, which can be annoying. Say you forget to attach the lining the night before and you’re on your way out , you wouldn’t have enough time to button it on. Also the pocket snap-on buttons are a little stiff so it’s hard to get them open. But other than that I how it looks and feels really warm :)


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