Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Break!

For those of us still "lucky" enough to be in school, winter break is almost here!!!

Some people have extravagant vacation plans or going home to see their family and doing awesome stuff...
But me...I just plan to play Dance Central on Kinect maybe not starve to death while my mom is at work and maybe...but only if I feel like it...do something productive :)

I think winter is one of my favorite seasons. During the summer, I sometimes miss the feeling of winter. All the shiny holiday decorations in the shop windows and on the streets just make me feel so happy. I also love the Christmas movies playing on the Hallmark channel or ABC family.

We don't really celebrate Christmas in my family because it's hard for the family to get together and so we don't have that many people to celebrate with. I know it sounds sad but honestly I see wrapping presents and setting up the Christmas tree as tedious when you have no one to see your tree and when you know what you're going to get as a present anyways. Ok...that still sounds sad but really I'm quite happy around the winter holidays :)

I'm not religious in anyway so sorry that I keep on only mentioning Christmas and not Hanukkah or any of the other holidays. Seeing how as I don't really celebrate any of them anyways...I'm just in it for the movies hahah

Without winter there would be no reason for fuzzy sweaters or furry boots. Then what would life be?

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